Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha

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9781849704120 - Yarrick: Chains of Golgotha, Warhammer 40,000 by David Annandale

Published by The Black Library, U. Hard Cover.

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Yarrick was said to have picked up and brandished the Ork Warlord's Power Klaw and eventually had it attached in place of his right arm , inspiring fear in the Orks and prompting the Imperial defenders to surge forward and leap upon the aliens. Battlefield legend has it that only after the Ork assault was routed from Hades Hive did Yarrick "allow himself the luxury of passing out. Yarrick exploited this to the full, having Ugulhard's Klaw modified to suit him as a prosthetic limb.

He also exchanged his left eye for a pulse laser bio-implant, playing on the Orks' superstition that he had an evil eye, as they called him the "bale eye that could kill with a glance. For six solar months following the first assault, the defenders of Hades Hive held out against further attacks. Although recollections of the siege vary, it was almost unanimously considered that Yarrick was the man who made it all possible; he was the one who held the defenders together, the one who brought them back from the brink of defeat countless times, and the one whose belief gave others the strength to go on.

Yarrick was one of the few survivors of the final battle for Hades Hive, and it took many solar months for him to recover from the injuries he sustained during that final assault. He accepted nominal retirement, along with a training post on Armageddon. However, the knowledge that an Ork like Ghazghkull was still at large proved too much of a distraction, and only solar months later he reported back for active duty, vowing that he would not rest until the day Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka was hunted down and killed. Yarrick attempted to follow through on his oath, and set off in pursuit of his nemesis in a game of cat-and-mouse that lasted for nearly ten standard years.

Ghazghkull fled before Yarrick and protected what remained of his forces, only committing to rearguard actions when necessary. Yarrick attempted to break the deadlock by forcing his opponent down on the once-Imperial planet of Golgotha. At first it appeared that Yarrick would finally triumph, as Ghazghkull at last committed his forces to open battle, but the tables were turned when it became clear Golgotha was a trap: the moment Ghazghkull and his Goffs engaged, a second, lesser WAAAGH! Ghazghkull and his Greenskins devastated the Imperial defenders with such ferocity that even the Commissar himself could not stand against it.

Despite a ferocious defence, and incredible feats of valour, the humans were exterminated to a man, and Yarrick was captured by Ghazghkull. Ghazghkull, who was watching, waited Yarrick to retain full consciousness before sending him plummeting down the chute to the laughter of the other Orks present. Landing amongst the refuse of the Hulk, Yarrick was forced to fend for himself amongst the many Squigs scavenging amongst the rubbish.

Refusing to be daunted, Yarrick set about hunting the Squigs and using their massive quills as improvised steps to build a ladder to get back up the waste chute. When he finally managed to do so several solar days later, Yarrick was surprised to find Ghazghkull waiting for him, as if the Warboss had known all along the human would make it out alive.


Ghazghkull then ordered Yarrick thrown amongst the other human slave-prisoners on the Space Hulk. Quickly assessing this new situation, Yarrick set about organizing a revolt amongst the human slaves. Since the human work crews were used haphazardly by the Orks as a slave detail, they managed to crudely map a large part of the Hulk in the course of their labours. Yarrick wanted to attack a large structure shaped like an Ork head, believing it was a temple to the Ork gods and that Ghazghkull would be there; but the other prisoners convinced him to try to escape and warn the Imperium instead.

Yarrick reluctantly agreed, and when the time came, one of the work gangs sabotaged a large Orkish ammunition dump, with Yarrick and a dozen other slaves slipping away in the confusion. Faced with discovery, the pilot amongst the group sacrificed himself and started the altered spacecraft up anyway, which resulted in another massive explosion and diversion for Yarrick.

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Left with no other choice, the remaining humans made for the Hulk's "temple" actually the Space Hulk's bridge , with each member of the escapees in turn sacrificing themselves to give Yarrick a chance to reach the top of the structure and his hated foe. With the Orks in hot pursuit, Yarrick opted for a last gamble, activating all the systems of the Space Hulk at once in the hope of making it tear itself apart due to the stress of such uncoordinated forces. As he gazed out of the bridge's "eyes" Yarrick saw massive devastation erupt alongside one side of the Space Hulk, and commended his soul to the Emperor as it raced toward his position.

Warhammer 40k Yarrick Chains of Golgotha HC David Annandale

Days later, Yarrick once again regained consciousness. He stood up, astonished, and even more amazed that his bionics had been retuned to him while he slept. Exiting the room, he was greeted by hundreds of Orks who started to cheer him on, while parting a way through their ranks. Bewildered, the Commissar followed his "escort" of Greenskins to the closest launch bay, where Ghazghkull waited for him in front off an intact shuttlecraft.

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  8. Yarrick expected to be forced to fight, but Ghazghkull merely stepped out of the way, stating to Yarrick that it had been a good fight, and that he should now get back to Armageddon and prepare for the Ork's return. For they would would soon be launching yet another battle to reclaim Armageddon They were given a name, some history, and then killed off. They weren't developed well enough to convince me to care for their deaths, but in the context of 40k wanton death is the norm. For the purpose of this story and the perspective it is presented in , I suppose it may have been less of an issue than in others.

    To summarize my thoughts on this one: if you love Orks or are a die-hard fan of Yarrick, pick it up.