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Ridolfi, the picture was in the collection of the Muselli in Verona and was considered the work of Titian. In the second half of the XVII century, Satyr and the sleeping nymph by Jacopo Amigoni The themes of ancient mythology, narrating about the amorous adventures of the gods, revived with renewed vigor in the art of European rococo, a direction saturated with the spirit of Death of Eurydice.

These compositions, performed by The size of the work is 77 x Neptune Neptune was the Roman name for the Greek god Poseidon. Nereid In Greek mythology, the Nereid were 50 sea goddesses, or nymphs , who sometimes mated with mortals. Their father was Nereus and their mother was Doris. Nereus In Greek mythology, Nereus was a sea god. He was a son of Pontys and Gaea.

The Passionate Shepherd to His Love & The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd. :)

Nike Nike was the goddess of victory. She was the daughter of Pallas and Styx. She helped the gods in their battle against the titans and was rewarded by Zeus.

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She was contemptuous of the goddess Leto for having produced only two children, Apollo and Artemis. She died of grief when her own 12 offspring were killed by them in revenge, and was changed to stone by Zeus. Notus Notus was the south wind god. Nymph A nymph was a higher being than a human, but not immortal like a god.

They were respected in mythology. Nymphs see " nymph " Nyx Nyx was a goddess of night. She was a daughter of Chaos. She married Erebus. Oceanides The oceanides were forty sea nymphs of the ocean.

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They were the daughters of Oceanus. He was the only Titan not to revolt against Uranus.

Ocypete Ocypete was one of the harpies. Odysseus Odysseus was a Greek hero. He devised the strategy of the wooden horse used by the Greeks to conquer Troy. Oedipus Oedipus was the son of Laius. The Delphic oracle foretold that Laius would be killed by his son, so Oedipus was abandoned on mount Cithaeron with a nail through his feet.

However, he was found by a shepherd and raised by Polybus. Hearing that he would kill his father, Oedipus left Corinth and met Laius on his travel. He killed him in an argument not knowing who he was. Oeonus In Greek mythology, Oeonus was a son of Licymnius. He was attacked by a dog belonging to the sons of Hippocoon , he threw a stone at the dog and in revenge the sons of Hippocoon killed him. Oileus Oileus was one of the Argonauts , he was the father of Ajax. Omphale Omphale was queen of Lydia. She bought Hercules as a slave who stayed with her for three years.

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Oneiros In Greek mythology Oneiros was one form of the god of dreams the other being Morpheus. Oneiros was properly a personification of dreams, whether idle or deceptive or really prophetic. Dreams of the former class were supposed to issue from the ivory gates, those of the latter class from the horn gate, of the palace where they were kept, beside the Western Oceanus. He was called a child of Night, sometimes a child of Sleep, and was directly under the control of the superior order of gods, who, as they pleased, dispatched deceptive or prophetic dreams to men.

Ops Ops was the Roman goddess of plenty and the personification of abundance. Oreades The oreades were mountain nymphs. Orestes Orestes was the son of Clytemnestra and Agamemnon. As a child he was smuggled out of Mycenae by his sister Electra when Clytemnestra and Aegisthus seized power. He later killed Clytemnestra with the help of Electra and Pylades and was punished by the Erinnyes.

Orion Orion was a giant and son of Poseidon. He was a hunter and very handsome. He was promised the hand of Merope whom he loved if he could ride Chios. He did but was not given Merope so he seduced her. Apollo caused his death at the hands of Artemis who put his image in the stars. Orpheus Orpheus was a mythical Greek poet and musician. The son of Apollo and a muse possibly Calliope , he married Eurydice , who died from the bite of a snake.

Orpheus went down to Hades to bring her back and her return to life was granted on condition that he walk ahead of her without looking back. He did look back and Eurydice was irretrievably lost. In his grief, he offended the maenad women of Thrace, and was torn to pieces by them. Ossipago In Roman mythology, Ossipago was a minor goddess of skeletal structures and the strengthener of fetal bones.

Ourania In Greek mythology Ourania was a mountain goddess of summer, especially mid-summer. The Queen of the winds and ruler of the night sky. Pales Pales was a Roman god of cattle-rearing. Pallas In Greek mythology Pallas was one of the Titans. He was a son of Crius and Eurybia and brother of Astraeus and Perses.

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Pan Pan was the Greek god who looked after shepherds and their flocks. His parentage is unsure. In some accounts he is the son of Zeus , in others the son of Hermes. His mother was a nymph. He was the second best Greek archer next to Paris and fought in the Trojan War as an archer. Pandora Pandora was a woman made by the gods.

She was taken to Epimetheus by Hermes. He made her his wife, against his brother's advice. Pandora came with a sealed vase. Her husband was tempted and opened the vase from which came all the troubles, weariness and illnesses that mankind is now burderned with. Helen was promised to him by the goddess Aphrodite as a bribe, in his judgment between her beauty and that of two other goddesses, Hera and Athena.

Paris killed the Greek hero Achilles by shooting an arrow into his heel, but was himself killed by Philoctetes before the capture of Troy. After blaming Aphrodite for her husbands philandering, Pasiphae was punished by being filled with lust for an enormous fire-breathing white bull. Pasiphae persuaded Daedalus to build her a cow shaped wooden framework, and hid inside it while he trundled it into the bull's pasture. The bull mounted the framework and mated with Pasiphae inside. She then became pregnant with the Minotaur.

Patroclus Patroclus was a cousin and close friend of Achilles. He was killed by Hector in the Trojan wars. Pax Pax is an alternative name for Eirene. Pegasus Pegasus was the winged horse offspring of Medusa and Poseidon. He tried to abduct Persephone , but was bound to a stone seat by her husband Hades and remained a prisoner in the underworld.

Pelias Pelias was king of Iolcus and half-brother of Jason. While Odysseus was absent at the siege of Troy she kept her many suitors at bay by asking them to wait until she had woven a shroud for her father-in-law, but unraveled her work each night. When Odysseus returned, after 20 years, he and Telemachus killed her suitors. Peneus Peneus was a river god. He was a son of Oceanus and Tethys.

Persephone Persephone was a Greek goddess. She was the daughter of Zeus and Demeter.

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Hades obtained sanction from Zeus to carry her off by force and marry her.