Risk and the War on Terror

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During the past four years in Syria, four Americans have died. The main Kurdish militia that the United States supports, the Syrian Democratic Forces, reported nine hundred and sixty-eight deaths in alone.

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The same pattern has emerged in Afghanistan, but the death toll there is vastly higher. Since , Afghan forces have assumed the primary responsibility for security in the country. During that time, fifty-eight American soldiers have died. In the same period, 28, Afghan security forces have been killed—nearly five hundred Afghans died for every American.

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Trump Administration officials had argued that increased American military pressure would cause the Taliban to agree to a peace settlement. Now the American withdrawal is expected to embolden it. Haroon Mir, an Afghan analyst in Kabul, told the Washington Post that the Taliban would simply wait for the Americans to fully withdraw, and then seize control of the country, as American-backed fighters did when the Soviets withdrew their troops, in The officer, who asked not to be identified, also predicted mass desertions if the United States stops funding Afghan security forces and soldiers and the police are no longer paid.

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Many Americans, though, agree with Trump that the United States has lost too many lives, and spent far too much treasure, fighting terrorism. To date, forty-five hundred Americans have died in Iraq. Twenty-four hundred have died in Afghanistan. It is the latest promise from the we-can-have-it-all candidate and President: America can enjoy security without sacrifice or allies. He is asking a legitimate question about the war on terror, but his penchant for distorting facts and making exaggerated claims fuels confusion. Hard questions are not being asked or answered. How large is the terrorist threat from Syria and Afghanistan?

The impact of exposure to war and terror on individuals with disabilities.

Writer Jason Burke notes that before the bomb attacks in March , the individuals recruited were all young men, with origins in the Casablanca slum of Sidi Moumin. Austere schools of Islamic thought such as Salafism have over the years found receptive audiences in Algeria and Morocco. Many young Moroccan radicals were inspired by Sheikh Mohamed Fizazi, who was sentenced for thirty years on charges connecting him to the terror attack. He was later pardoned by the King in It was with the help of Moroccan intelligence that French police were able to track the strategist of the November attacks in Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

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His brother Yassine was also detained in October on his possible links to terror. With such examples of cooperation, Morocco can expect continued support from both Europe and the United States. With a population of 33 million, King Mohamed VI, who has been on the throne for 17 years, intends to take all measures to prevent Morocco from turning into jihadist incubator. One recent initiative has been the creation in the capital Rabat of a training centre for imams.

The school hopes to promote a moderate and inclusive interpretation of Islam. While such programmes are welcomed, for the interim period, it will be the use of effective intelligence and security methods that will help reduce the appeal of Morocco as a base for IS operations. Emily Boulter is a Rotterdam-based writer, who is also the creator of the current affairs blog "From Brussels to Beirut".

Previously, she worked as an assistant for the vice-chair of the foreign affairs committee in the European Parliament.

The impact of exposure to war and terror on individuals with disabilities.

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