Policy and Practice (Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities)

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Consultant to a variety of federal, state, and private agencies and schools. Presenter at numerous professional meetings.

Co-Principal Investigators. Center of Minority Research in Special Education. Cooperative agreement with U. Grant from the U. Grant from U. Cooperative Agreement with U. Kauffman, J. Learning disabilities: A behavioral definition. Science and the education of teachers. Judging progress in special education. Truth versus truthiness. What is progress in special education for students with EBD? Conceptual models and the future of special education. How special education is honorable, just, pleasing, and commendable.

Current challenges to serving students with emotional or behavioral disorders. Why we rarely see integrated services for children with emotional or behavioral disorders. The special education story: Obituary, accident report, conversion experience, reincarnation, or none of the above? Workshop presentations on special education for students with 1 Over papers presented at professional meetings.

Making places best for people. Think about these things: Gentleness, truth, justice, excellence. Why we must celebrate a diversity of restrictive environments.

Issues in the placement of students with disabilities. School violence: A call for action. The effects of the sociopolitical environment on developments in special education. Special problems in the inclusion of students with emotional or behavioral disorders in general education classrooms and schools. A sense of place for special education: How does where affect what? Lecture at the John F. School reform disorder: Interventions for the "just do it" mentality.

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Purposeful ambiguity: Its value in defining emotional or behavioral disorders. What happens when special education works?

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The sociopolitical context of research in the s. Resolved that behavior disorders are a life-long condition and the goal must be accommodation, not remediation. Generic teachers: Just fine for generic students. What's right about special education for behaviorally disordered students. Lessons in the nonrecognition of deviance. Regular and special education: Where's the gap? Lloyd, J. What will the Regular Education Initiative require of general education teachers?

Department of Education, Washington, DC. Functional behavioral assessment: Introduction to the series. Behavioral Disorders, 24, Taking inclusion back to its roots.

Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Educational Leadership, 56 2 , Hallahan, D. Theory and practice of special education: Taking stock a quarter century after Deno and Dunn. Journal of Special Education, 27, whole no. Jakubecy, J. Message from the guest editors. Assessment for Effective Instruction, 26 1 , Special education, current trends. Guthrie Ed. New York: Macmillan Reference.

Johns, B. Caution: Response to intervention RtI. Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 15, Recent developments and the future of special education.

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Remedial and Special Education, 00, Prologue: On following the scientific evidence. Gresham Eds. New York: Guilford. Epilogue: Science, a harsh mistress. Watkins, D. Carnine, J. Slocum Eds. Detrich, R. States Eds. Education at the crossroads: The state of teacher education pp. Oakland, CA: Wing Institute. Teachers College Record. Introduction to Section I: Historical and contemporary issues in educating exceptional learners.

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Hallahan Eds. Commentary: Current status of the field and future directions. Behavioral Disorders, 35, Reforming public education: A tragicomedy. Emotional and behavioral disorders. Anderman Eds. Would we recognize progress if we saw it? A commentary. Journal of Behavioral Education, 17, Special education.

Policy and Practice

Good Ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Labels and the nature of special education: We need to face realities. Learning Disabilities: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 14, Waving to Ray Charles: Missing the meaning of disability.