A groupoid approach to C* - algebras

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A groupoid approach to C*-algebras.

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Table of Contents Product Details Locally compact groupoids. More Books in Algebra See All. In Stock. Linear Algebra and its Applications. Essential Calculus. Easy Algebra Step-By-Step. Skandalis , J. Operator Theory 25 , Weinstein, A. Reine agnew. Aof, M. Brown, Ronald, and Mackenzie, K. Pure Appl. Algebra , 80 , Lawson, M. This paper applies ordered groupoids to inverse semigroups. Maltsiniotis, G. Paris , Muhly, P.

Erik van Erp: Pseudodifferential Calculi and Groupoids

Solel, B. Vainerman, L. Paris Ser. I Math. Weinstein, Alan, and Xu, P. The authors introduce a groupoid-theoretical Yang-Baxter equation. Xu, P. Yamanouchi, Takehiko, Crossed products by groupoid actions and their smooth flows of weights, Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 28 , Yamanouchi, Takehiko, Dual weights on crossed products by groupoid actions, Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, 28 , Joyal, A.

Yamanouchi, Takehiko, Duality for actions and coactions of finite groupoids on von Neumann algebras, Journal of Algebra, , Brylinski, J-L. Connes, A.

Noncommutative geometry, Academic Press, San Diego, This book touches on groupoids briefly in Connes' exhaustive treatment of noncommutative geometry. Connes also claims that Heisenberg used an equivalence relation groupoid and it's associated matrix algebra in his development of quantum mechanics, although Heisenberg did not recognize the object he was studying as being known to mathematicians. Connes uses this example as a way to remove the following prejudice that he claims mathematicians have: "It is fashionable among mathematicians to despise groupoids and to consider that only groups have an authentic mathematical status, probably because of the pejorative suffix oid.

Mackenzie, K.

A Groupoid Approach To C Algebras

Muhly, Paul. Nica, A. Paterson, Alan L. Renault in Algebraic Methods in Operator Theory eds.

Lie bracket

Raul E. Curto and Palle E. Jorgensen , Birkhauser, Boston, The author shows that the answer to the problem "If S is a unital inverse semigroup, does there exist an r-discrete groupoid G with S 'determining' G as an inverse subsemigroup of the ample semigroup of G? What kind of uniqueness can we expect?


This problem was raised in J. Renault, Jean, Multiplicateurs de Fourier et fonctions de Littlewood pour les groupoides r-discrets, C. Acad Sci. Vaismann, I. This book written for readers with a familiarity with the general geometry of differentiable manifolds, contains one chapter on the "Realization of Poisson Manifolds by Symplectic Groupoids. Brown, Ronald, and Mucuk, O.

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Differentielle Categ. Bryant, Darryn E. Deaconu, Valentin, Groupoids associated with endomorphisms, Trans. Hilgert, J. Kellendonk, J. In this paper is a description of a method for constructing a topological groupoid from an inverse semigroup. London Math. This paper contains the outline and main ideas of the paper published in in the Journal of Functional Analysis. Bohm, G. Introduces the concept of weak Hopf algebras which are finite quantum groupoids. Structures 4 , Groupoids are used to reprove many of the theorems dealing with automorphisms and endomorphisms of a finitely generated free group.

Hopfish structure

Haataja, S. Tierney, M. Soc, , Liu, Z-J. Lu, J. Muhly, Paul S. This paper is an introduction to groupoids aimed at general mathematicians. It motivates the definition and some of the properties through looking at various symmetries that are not explained fully by groups. In addition to some brief history, this paper also talks about Lie groupoids and Lie algebroids. Guruprasad, J.

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